NewDawnMC Server Rules

This is the list of rules you must follow at all times. Failure to follow these rules will result in a punishment at the staff’s discretion. If you wish to report another player for breaking the rules, please post a thread in the “Player Reports” section of our forums or message a staff member. We will not process any form of punishment without valid proof such as logs, screenshots, or videos. The staff reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Rule 1 – Hacking, cheating, exploiting or Modding
No hacking or hacked clients or anything that may give you an advantage over another player this includes but not limited to the following
X-ray or x-ray texture packs
Kill aura
Fly hacks

Do not abuse any bugs, exploit our servers features or duplicate any item for personal or selling purposes, Abuse or exploit may result in a balance reset or a ban

Do not use any mods that can be used to exploit the games features, or enhance your gameplay that gives you a unfair advantage over other players.

Rule 2 – Grinders farms and Afk pools
Do not construct any form of an Afk pool or anti afk device that will bypass our AFK system
Do not construct any Auto mob farms or grinders, all Hostile mob related farms must result in player has last hit
Do not construct huge Automatic crop farms that will intently cause lag or even crash the server
Do not construct any device for the sole purpose of causing continual lag using large quantities of Redstone.

Rule 3 – Advertising and links
Do not Mention or attempt to bypass mentioning any server other than NewDawnMC this includes IP and server names (Exception of this rule is if the server is permanently offline)

Do not try to poach players from NewDawnMC.

Do not attempt to advertise any social media that is linked or associated with any other server or group
Do not post any link that:
Contains any server other than our own
Adult content
Recruitment to a terrorist organisation
Personal social media [Dm this on discord if you wish to share]

Rule 4 – Chat
Do not spam any chat on our server, this includes
Repeating the same word repeatedly
Selling of an item or items
Typing in all caps.

Keep chat to an appropriate standard for all ages.
Profanity is allowed but not excessively
Do not beg players or staff for the following:
Donation perks

Only communicate in English in any of our chats this includes using /msg. It is hard to moderate all languages.

Do not bring up or discuss controversial topics that will cause an argument or drama between players.

Do not bring or start real life arguments onto the server this is a friendly server if you wish to argue and fight please take it to a discord call or settle it in real life, anyone that wishes to continue will result in action taken against all parties.

Do not use inappropriate, offensive or derogatory usernames, prefixes [Only applies to donation perk] or nicknames those who join the server with a username that breaks this rule will result in a perma ban, Nicknames may result in the permissions taken away regardless of it being a donation [Please see our store t&c]

Do not start inappropriate derogatory or offensive topics that will result in players leaving.

Do not bring up or reference drug or sexual assault in any way this will result in a perma mute.

Do not conduct unofficial gambling within chat, all gambling games must be checked by a staff member before you play. If it is fount to be unfair the game must be changed or removed.

No Mini Modding in any way, don’t interfere with a staff dealing with a situation on the server, if you notice something a staff member has missed please report it to the forums.

Rule 5 – Gameplay
Do not break, place or blow up any blocks that you do not own inside and outside of town limits without express permission from the owner of the build.

Do not intentionally kill a players mobs including those spawned by a spawner block.

Do not take items from an unlocked chest unless the chest has a sign that says free or the owner of the chest has given permission for you to do so.

Do not intentionally kill a player using death traps, tping them to you or tping to them.

Do not grief builds/farms/structures made by or belong to players.

Do not build or break blocks within 5oo blocks of a town or any other build without the express permission from the owner, give them enough room for expansion.

Rule 6 – Player interaction
Do not disrespect or harass any player within the server, we don’t tolerate this behaviour.

Do not in any way threaten a player or the server, this includes:
Death threats
DDOS attacks
Hacking a players computer

Do not bully, racially or religiously abuse any player regardless of who they are.

Do not Use homophobic language towards anyone regardless if they are on the server or not
Do not scam other players for money, items, donations, land, or services. Broadly, a scam is considered any dishonest scheme.

If you come to an agreement with another player, you must follow through with that agreement within the designated time frame. Be clear in your business-related interactions, as well as take videos and screenshots of these interactions and transactions, to avoid any possible issues.

Do not take advantage of another player’s lack of knowledge in any way for personal gain.

Rule 7 - No abusing donations
Do not impersonate a staff member or another player using /nick.

Do not chargeback donations sent to the server in any way. All chargebacks will result in an instant IP ban, with no ability to appeal.

Any issues regarding donations can instead be sent to the staff via a support ticket.
Do not attempt to transfer in-game items for real-life currency of any sort. Violation of this will result in a ban.

Rule 8 - Respect town rights
Do not claim a chunk of land within 100 blocks of another town’s claim. In the event of a dispute due to a violation of this rule, the two town mayors may either come to an agreement, or the rule-breaker will be forced to remove the disputed claim(s) and anything on it.

Do not remain on someone else’s private land if they have asked you to leave the premises.
As a mayor, do not scam residents for items, services, or money. The property of a resident is not necessarily the property of the mayor.

A mayor may post a set of their own town rules, as long as they do not conflict with the server rules.
Residents who have been inactive for seven days or more may have their locked items such as chests and furnaces removed by an Admin+.

Mayors who have been inactive for twenty days may have their town ownership claimed by the co-mayor with help from an Admin. If there is no co-mayor, a town assistant may claim ownership.

Rule 9 - Respect punishment decisions
Do not evade the mutes, bans, and jails of your account. You cannot speak to others using books or signs in-game if muted, and you cannot log on to different accounts for the purpose of evading any of these three punishments.

Do not argue with a staff member’s decision in-game. If you feel a staff member is abusing their power, or not acting within their rights, private message an admin on the forums. If not, you can instead politely converse with that staff member over the forum’s message system.

Those who are punished for breaking rules a total of ten times will be permanently banned. This decision may be appealed, depending on the situation.

Thank you for reading the server rules. These are written for the sole purpose of insuring that you, as a player, have the best possible experience on NewDawnMC. If you are unsatisfied with a rule or think one should be changed or added, you are encouraged to post a suggestion on the forums.