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mlinetzky Helper Application


Staff member
Name [optional]: Matthew
In-Game name: mlinetzky
What is your Age: 21
Location: Florida
Time zone: EST
Do you have Discord: yes
Discord username: mlinetzky#3557
Mic [optional but preferred]: yes
Are you able to attend Staff meetings when they pop up: yes
Do you have any punishments on NewDawnMC: no
If yes what were they: N/A
Do you have any experience as staff: I do. Back when I was in high school (around 2015) I was an admin on a server much like newdawn. It was a towny server with semi-vanilla features much like newdawn. I was relieved of duties when I resigned due to going to college.
Why do you want to be staff: I've recently gotten back into Minecraft and I want to ensure that all players, new and old, are able to experience the server in a fun, yet safe and responsible way.
Extra remarks: