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Name - Patrick
In-Game name - Pallepou
What is your Age - 18
Location Denmark
Time zone - CEST/UTC +2
Do you have Discord - Yeah
Discord username - pallepou#8305
Mic - Yeah i have one but i'm not relly sure what. All i know is that it's a HyperX
Are you able to attend Staff meetings when they pop up - Depending on what time then yes. But mostly yeah
Do you have any punishments on NewDawnMC - Nope. Not that i know of
If yes what were they:
Do you have any experience as staff - Not on minecraft but have been admin on many CS:GO servers
Why do you want to be staff - Cuz i would love to have some more to do around here.
Extra remarks - I've been a CS:GO coach for over two and a half year :D


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Please get with me when you see me online, and Ill set you up with everything you need to know, and we'll get you into Staff Training ASAP. You will recieve the Helper Rank, then you can work your way up from there.
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