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Name [optional]: Isaiah
In-Game name: YawningThunder5
Age: 21
Location: Illinois
Time zone: Central USA
Discord: YawningThunder5#1048
Discord username:YawningThunder5
Mic [optional but preferred]: Yes
Are you able to attend Staff meetings when they pop up: Yes
Do you have any punishments on NewDawnMC: No
If yes what were they: N/A
Do you have any experience as staff: Yes, i was owner of some small servers my friends have made, mainly the builder and Dev because im tech savy lol
Why do you want to be staff: I wish to help the community and keep it a safe place for anyone that joins, I have a level head on my shoulders and i believe that i can both good input for improvements yet put input into as of why something isnt good as well.
Extra remarks: Im the Chillest person u will ever meet.


Staff member
Declined. We are glad to have you as a member of our server but would like to see you play on the server for a while longer before applying again. We urge you to apply again in the future once our server has grown to have more players.
Not open for further replies.