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NewDawnMC Helper Application
Greetings Player,
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Staff team.
Please read everything in this thread before applying, and please make sure you fit within the following requirements of our server.

Requirements before applying
1. Have/use Discord.
2. Have a good understanding of the server and our features.
3. Must have been a member of our community for longer than a week.
4. Have applied with a well written aplication filling in all mandatory fields.
5. Be at the required age of 14 or older for Helper.
6. Have No or little infractions on our serve [Major infractions disqualify you].
7. Have shown maturity and willingness to help players.

Being a member of our staff team is a voluntary job. Please Do not expect payments. Perks such as discounts may be available for long serving staff.

When applying, you will need to create a new thread Here https://newdawnmc.net/forums/index.php?forums/helper-application.7/ using the format bellow for your Helper application, Please make sure you fill out your application properly and honestly with as much detail as possible,
We ask that you be paitient when applying as Our Admin and Developent team are working full time Across 3 time zones and we may not instantly get to your application.

Your responsibilities as a helper are to welcome new and existing players to our server ensuring they know fully of our rules and dealing with them accordingly with the powes you hold, you are also there to ensure that all players are awear of features on our server be them new or old. You are there to help all players if they requre it and make sure all players are having a good time.​

Helper Application Format
Real Name [Optional]:
In Game Name:
What is your location/Time Zone:
Discord ID:
Mic Y/N:
Do you have any infractions on our server? Y/N
What Were they?
Experience? Y/N
Where was your experience?
What positions did you Hold?
What makes you a feel you'd be a great fit to our team?
What ideas do you have to bring to the table?
Extra remarks:
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