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Hey everyone!

Hope all of the Americans here had a Great Thanksgiving!

Some of you know that New Dawn is coming back, and some of y'all have not been reading discord. Well... You'll probably won't be reading this either. but!
We are bringing the server back, We're going a different route this time though. Server theme will be Towny PvP, Every Saturday there will be a towny war between towns, which means for 1 hour you will be able to raid other towns. (that's if you can get through their defensive barriers). We'll also be setting up a Black Market for Griefing Materials, We'll have a Public Mall for players to setup Shops in, and alot of other cool extras.

Donator ranks has been changed, We are shortening up the rank list fewer is better. for now.
New Spawn is currently under way. Now remember The server is not OPEN to the public as of this time. We are working on getting spawn built first, then configuring the server before release.

We're hoping to release mid of 2020. So keep up to date. We might change the date if something goes wrong.

Now, Have a great Holiday Season!