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NewDawnMC Builder Application
Greetings Player,
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Build team.
Please read everything in this thread before applying, and please make sure you are following all of our requirements.

Requirements before applying
Have/use Discord
Good understanding of the server and our features
Must have been a member of our community for at least 7 days
Being a builderis a voluntary job. Do not expect payments.
We expect well-written and detailed applications. Take your time.
Be mature, and act mature.
Must be 14+ to apply

When applying, you will need to create a new thread using the format bellow for you Builder application, Please make sure you fill out your application properly and honestly with as much detail as possible, we ask that you do not nag about your application, nor ask staff to review it. We will review it as soon as we have time.

Builder Application Format
Name [optional]:
In-Game name:
How old are you:
Time zone:
Do you have Discord:
Discord username:
Mic [optional but preferred]:
When did you first join NewDawnMC?:
Why should we pick you?:
What is your preferred build style?:
Do you have any prior Knowlage of World Edit?:
Experience building:
Extra remarks:
Show us some examples of your builds (2+ images):
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