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Builder Application -Bluey

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In-Game name: Bluey10429
Age: 16
Location: QLD, Australia
Time zone: AEST
Discord: Bluey10429#2693
Discord username: Bluey10429
Mic [optional but preferred]: Yes I have one and functional
When did you first join NewDawnMC?:
Around mid-February, 2019
Why should we pick you?: You should pick me because I’ll get the job done and put a lot of effort in the project to make it look aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable for every player that joins and make each detail count. Also if someone that is new joins a try to explain to the best of my ability how you rank up, earn money through jobs, and anything else they might need.
What is your preferred build style?:
Rustic, Medieval but I can try to do anything because I like challenging my skills.
World Edit knowledge (0-5): 3-4
Experience building: I’ve owned a team and built for many people that they like my style and I like to keep that rep up. Been building for about 5 ish years
Extra remarks: When it comes to Minecraft and school, School always comes first. I also have bought a rank and enjoy playing on this wonderful server.
Show us some examples of your builds (2+ images): Here’s my portfolio link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fgsopR40rB8PdE3JALjLfgAVRJu4KOzY?usp=sharing
Not open for further replies.